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About Acaciawood Athletics

Since 1999 Acaciawood Prep has participated in the Southern Section of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) athletics programs in boys’ basketball and girls’ volleyball. The successes of the school's athletic programs have been remarkable considering the school's size. The boys' basketball team advanced into the CIF playoffs six consecutive seasons and the girls' volleyball team has advanced into the playoffs for the last three seasons. Depending upon the number of students per year, we offer a junior varsity team for younger high school students. Some students have also participated as representatives of the school in competitive swimming. Historically, participation in Acaciawood's athletics program has been very high, sometimes reaching 90%.

In the early days the teams practiced outdoors on the school's parking lot. Later the teams made arrangements to use a nearby building as a practice facility. This building became affectionately known as "the Acaciadome". In 2003 parents and students worked together to repaint the practice facility and lay a wood floor in it.

The school’s athletics program complements its academics program in developing the character of its students. In particular, the athletics program develops teamwork skills, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility around others. It promotes goal-setting and development of a goal-oriented work ethic. In addition, participation in athletics promotes habits beneficial to the long-term physical and psychological well-being of the students. In doing so, it reflects the school’s understanding of the interrelationship between the physical and psychological health. In some cases they also motivate students to achieve higher levels of achievement in the classroom in order to maintain their eligibility for participation in sports. In the short history of Acaciawood we have also seen the athletics program strengthen the identity of the school and the students' sense of community.

Policies and Forms

Participation in athetics is governed by CIF and school policies. Students who participate in Acaciawood's athletics programs must abide by the CIF's Athlete's Code of Ethics and the Acaciawood Athletics Guidelines. Acaciawood requires all athletes to have a physical exam before the start of each season to ensure optimum physical health. Their parents must sign and return the following forms prior to their student's participation in practices for any new season.

Athletics Forms

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