Jim Miller is Acaciawood’s principal. He oversees day-to-day administration of the school’s operations, including financial management, property management, staff management. He oversees the school’s instructional programs and performs annual reviews of teachers. He interacts with teachers, parents, and students to address issues that affect them. He deals with discipline issues brought to him by the school’s faculty and staff. He is also responsible for overseeing compliance with state standards and reporting to various levels of government education agencies. 

Administrative Assistant

Grace Kuai is the principal’s administrative assistant. She handles all the day to day business in the school office including, but not limited to, correspondence, attendance, enrollment, teacher support, professional development management, and school inventory control. She also takes care of accounting, tuition, and is the AP coordinator.  She plays a leading role in working with students coming to Acaciawood from foreign countries, including dealing with immigration issues.


Board of Directors

The governing authority of Acaciawood School is the Board of Directors. The Board is made up of eight directors, including the school principal, who acts as chairman, and parents of current and/or former students. All board members beside the principal serve on a volunteer basis. The board is responsible for setting over policies for the school, overseeing the school’s operations and instruction, and developing strategies to maintain the school’s financial viability. Board members also perform public relations functions and address parents’ concerns. The board meets as needed throughout the year, including meetings with the Parent Support Group and the faculty. The current board members are:

Jim Miller
Joseph Prim
Michio Miyake
James Kuan
Caleb Zia
Jeff Bolton
Michael Quinones
Walt Hale
Hans Kim

The school also has a Dean of Students who gets involved in disciplinary issues that are referred to him by Mr. Miller and in reviewing student and parent concerns with the school’s curriculum, student policies, or issues with faculty members.

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