The Acaciawood School faculty is a group of highly educated and highly dedicated individuals who are committed to the school’s mission to produce students of character who are capable of high achievement.


A challenging academic curriculum forms the core of the Acaciawood program. All courses are designed to advanced the school’s Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs).


High School, Jr High, and elementary course descriptions, course goals, course objectives, assignments and other course details.

Academic Competitions

Each year students at all levels of Acaciawood participate in a variety of academic competitions in history, math, science, and writing. These competitions further the goals of the school’s academic program by helping students to learn goal setting, organizational, project planning, group project, and higher thinking skills.

Music Program

The benefits of the music performances include outstanding educational value through memorization and presentation, vocabulary enrichment expressed through melodious singing, the practice of public speaking skills, and the all-important life skill of working as a team.

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